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Professional Geologist (PG) Services in the State of New York

In the00 State of New York, a company that provides geologic services, as defined by the regulation (see below), must hold a current Certificate of Authorization (CA) from the New York State Education Department (NYSED) specifically for geology. CAs are issued to companies that apply to NYSED and demonstrate that:

  1. A qualified person(s) within the organization holds an individual Professional Geologist (PG) License

  2. The company structure is a registered professional entity

  3. An individual holding a PG is an owner of the entity

Campbell Geologic Services, PLLC (CGS) is a New York entity that holds a current CA from NYSED and meets the requirements to practice geology in New York State. Campbell offers these services for releases of hazardous materials subject to NYS environmental statutes and regulations, including:

  • Navigation Law (Article 12)

  • Environmental Conservation Law

  • Chemical and Petroleum Bulk Storage Programs (Article 17)

  • Environmental Remediation Programs (Title 6, Chapter IV, Subchapter B, Part 375), which includes the following programs that regulate the release of hazardous materials.

> NYS Inactive Haz Waste Disposal Site Remedial Program (State Superfund Program SSF)

- Environmental Conservation Law (ECL), Article 27, Title 13, except for emergency IRMs

> NYS Environmental Restoration Program (ERP)

- ECL, Article 56, Title 5

> NYS Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP)

- ECL, Article 27, Title 14

> CERCLA of 1980, as amended by SARA of 1986 (Federal Superfund) Program

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*The practice of the profession of geology is defined as

  • performing professional services such as researching, investigating, consulting, and geological mapping*,

  • describing the natural processes that act upon the earth's materials,

  • predicting the probable occurrence of natural resources,

  • predicting and locating natural or human-induced phenomena that may be useful or hazardous to humankind and recognizing,

  • determining and evaluating geological factors, and

  • the inspection and performance of geological work and the responsible supervision thereof in furtherance of the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

*geological mapping shall not include the practice of land surveying as defined in section seventy-two hundred three of this article.

Jeffrey Campbell, LSRP, PG


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